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The Oswal are a social group (and caste) of people from the Indian States of Rajasthan, Gujarat (Halar and Kutch regions) and Punjab. Oswals are mainly Jain following the Svetambara tradition, but a few are Digambar Jains and a few areHindus Vaishnavites. According to tradition recounted in several texts, the Oswal community was established by Jain Acharya Ratnaprabha Suri belonging to Upakesha Gachcha, he was the seventh successor Acharya of Jain Tirthankar Parshvanatha on 14th day of the Shravana Month of Indian calendar. According to tradition and bardic accounts, many Rajputs joined Jainism and were joined Oswals. Several smaller Jain communities have merged into the Oswal community.  
 (Above text quoted from a Wikipedia article).
I have come across the following material(s) that details the history of Oshwals and its linkage to Jainism.
  Glimpses_of_Heritage_by_Keshavlal_Shah.pdf [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 2.48 MB] 
Bhavik Shah, on behalf of Keshavlalbhai Shah (Glimpses of Heritage) and Rati Dodhia (Rise and Glory) have provided me approval to host the material on YoungJains.Org.
I would like to provide my personal thanks for producing such detailed version of our history, our culture, our roots This no doubt shall help us maintain and spread this knowledge to our children, our youth's.
And when asked by your loved one's.. "Dad ... Mum.. where did I come from?". Well, the answer is pretty simple then :-)
Jai Jinendra!!!
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